Land Pooling Policy

The Policy that can help to Sustain Development

Land pooling system is a policy where a large amount of small rural divided lands are being converted into one single large parcel land through various adjustments. This Land Pooling Policy is undertaken for an infrastructure development that is to be planned around is large land. The policy is made possible by buying the small pieces of land from the various landowners at a very fair price.

Through this LPP, the government has ensured seamless benefits regarding infrastructure development. Many experts believe that the pooling policy is highly beneficial. It is a compelling way to retrieve the land for the development of the nation. It can also act as a game changer for the estate developers to build better infrastructural facilities on these lands. Only recently the DDA has come up with Master Plan Delhi 2021 that is targeted for the year 2021. The development plan has shown some results until now. It is expected that the plan would be able to resourcefully utilize the entire vast open lands across the city.

The basic reason behind launching the land pooling facility is to mitigate the rising population demand and to sustain increase pressure on the government to tackle this issue. This city of Delhi has become the most influential city across the nation. There is a need for an active and effective land policy plan and the absence of the same can put a roadblock in the success of this capital city. Delhi is the powerhouse of the nation. To enhance its area of operation the capital city has opened its branches in the form of NCR which is very important for the development of this city. As per the sources, there is an additional requirement of land that could help and set up integrated development. The DDA takes all the responsibilities in creating and executing a good Land Pooling Policy.